Welcome to Central Wood

a company proceeds a business serves about the wood, for
- process all wood by have many the size follows.
- enhance the costs give with abundant inventory, such as firewood, bark

The components of the wood
The components of the wood Very wood is organic one kind substance, the wood ...
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A kind of the wood
The wood can distribute to follow strength value in bending of dry wood and something the nature of...
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Central Wood Service
1. Planing and cutting

2. Delivery

3. Sales

Central Wood's Product
All of our flooring products are very competitively priced. For more details and a brochure
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  • Mai-Yang
  • Mai-Sie
  • Mai-Teng
  • Praduo
  • Black wood (Rok-fa)
  • Dossie-afzelia(Ma-ca)
  • Pyinkado(Mai-Dang)
  • Mai-Ta-Kean


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