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Elephant Ordinary Traditional Festival
Thai Elephant Week, Lampang

Date : November

Contact Details : Tel. 66 (0) 5424 7979

Category : Animals & Agriculture
Thailands most noble beast, the elephant, is the star of two important events: The one which occurs in the northern province of Lampang draws people interested in the welfare and care of these noble animals to Thai Elephant Week, which occurs each March at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang.The scene of documentary films made for worldwide TV audience, Thai elephant conservation center, located in Hang Chat district in Lampang province, is a renowned refuge where elephants, both healthy and invalid, can be cared for and respected. In this day visitors can learn from mahouts about the traditions and practices that help to maintain an elephants health and well-being. On the lighter side, visitors can also join the mahouts, feeding the Thai elephants in the style of the northern Khantok dinner. Considered an ancient royal tradition adopted by princes and high-ranking officials of the Lanna Kingdom, the Khantok dinner is at the pinnacle of traditional northern cuisine. So what better way to recognize and respect our elephants than to give them a Khantok treat?