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Gulf of Thailand
On the eastern side, 400 kilometres of coastline extend from Chon Buri to Rayong with some of the finest beaches in Asia. Pattaya, with an enormous range of resorts, hotels and guesthouses, is its centre. If you are seeking a more relaxing experience, travel further down the coast to Rayong or Ko Samet, and the lovely islands of Ko Chang National Park near the Cambodian border.

On the west coast, the resorts of Cha-am and Hua Hin attract international travellers who prefer their more sophisticated yet laid-back atmosphere.

Far from the sea in the northwest of the region is Kanchanaburi, whose forested mountains, waterfalls and caves, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries on the border with Myanmar provide some of Thailands most enthralling scenery.

Gulf of Thailand :
Cha Am |  Hua Hin |  Pattaya |  Rayong |  Koh Chang |  Koh Kood |  Koh Samet
# Prachuap Khiri Khan (Hua Hin)

Review Big My Family. & HuaHin
by nanonatt

HUA HIN Songkran
by 駵

Review myself@Hua Hin, Let's go
by emt_b_tum

--> Travel by train to tour Hua Hin^^ (New Reviewe)
by mineday

Tour Pranburi
by Һ

+++++ Prachuap native, take to tour Prachuap, Let's go, Show your hand !!!+++++++
by jibberylin

Go Hua Hin, Funny Trip
by ط

# Phetchaburi (Cha Am)

Cha-Am Trip : Santorini Cha-am + Review
by TungUnUn

- - - - - Take to tour Santorini Park Cha-Am, before grand opennin 5-5-55 - - - - -
by sugar rabbit

Let's go Cha-Am
by nuch9981

# Chanthaburi

Tour and eat @ Chantaburi , Kungkraben. by laser.
by laser

Reviewed tour Thailand by follow King's think at Bangkok - Rayong - Chanthaburi Part 1.
by yaipearn

Tour Chanthaburi Fruit season.
by off abstract

With the faith of Buddha, (Kitchakod) to the Cathedral of Mary, Chanthaburi.

by himce

# Chon Buri(Pattaya)

Chomtain beach, Pattaya
by Osakimikaru

More comfortable with a new family heart conservative birds ... Chapter : I visited Cholburi.
by Khaopoon.W

+ + + + + + + + ONE DAY TRIP @Sattahip (Shadow day) : four beaches for 1 Day. + + + + + + + +

It takes a cool, Sai Kaew Beach Sattahip 1

First review, Koh Larn for 3 days 2 nights.
by jumanji2526

== 2 Days 1 night trip, relax at- Koh Llarn----------------->>
by Aromdee Jang


Summer at Koh Si Chang
by Wonder108.com

:: Koh Si Chang ::
by J..E..E..D

# Rayong (Koh Samet)
Koh Samet Camping 2006, In long weekend.
by Wonder108.com

Review......go to Rayong

by joyjung_pomkung

When my body want sea....at Koh MunNok
by Sea Daisy

Review it Koh MunNok, Rayong private atmosphere is very beautiful the sea .....
by Թ

[mini review] Koh MunNok l
by nanachloe

Khao Laem Ya - Koh Samet "the paradise on earth" *** ***
by meisboo

Wai bay, Koh Samet ^_______^>>
by batao

### Review Wai Bay, Samet (the beach is still very natural)###

# Trat (Koh Kood, Koh Chang)

First trip to the Koh Kood. And the first to review.
by ѡ ҷͧ

first series, Koh Kood.
by ٤

Review : Koh Kood
by Ninkoo

(^_^)Ooo Relax at Koh Kood, love the sea. ^_^

Star of theKao Lham, South of Koh Chang .
by Ѻ1

day 2 night trip, Koh Chang, My body want the sea
by xsan

Relax Songkran Trip, Koh Chang
by HeroKhao

New Reviewer..Chapter....enjoy Koh Mhak
by w_toi

Koh Whai beach, I LovE Uuuuuuu
by tao-tao2

# Sa Kaeo
Tour Lalu, SaKaeo, the watch bird. by yaipearn.
by yaipearn

Pang Sida Butterfly Festival
by yaipearn