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Rocket Festival
Yasothon Bun Bangfai (Rocket) Festival 

Date : May

Contact Details : Tel. +664524 3770-1, +664525 0714
Category : Performing Arts,Nature and Outdoors,Religious and Spiritual Events,Art and Culture

Annual ritual to ensure that the seasonal rains fall at the appropriate time in the planting cycle. In the process, Buddhist merit-making traditions are also observed and reinforced. The festival, which is held over a period of three days, strengthens community spirit. The first day known as Wan Suk |Dip features a ritual to play homage to Chao Pu, the spirit of the city pillar. The second day is the rocket procession day. Each is escorted by a colourful dance troupe. The rocket are finally launched on the third day in which various rockets and beauty contests are held. It is also a day for the ordination of novices with festive celebrations following merit-making rituals. For more information Contact : TAT Ubon RatchathaniTel : 0 4524 3770-1, 0 4525 0714Yasothon Municipality OfficeTel : 0 4571 1397 Ext. : 112Website : www.tourismthailand.org